An-Ten-Nae’s Genre Bending “Raindrops On Roses (The Biggie Edition)” Brings the Legendary Rap Star Back for a Psychedelic Hip-Hop Track

An-Ten-Nae, photo by Jess Bernstein

An-Ten-Nae, west coast bass music producer, does something really unusual for “Raindrops On Roses (The Biggie Edition)” by doing a mashup of seemingly disparate elements that make sense in the logic of lateral thinking. He mixes together samples of childhood nursery rhyme songs, children singing Beatles’ “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds,” playful synth arpeggios and Biggie Smalls speaking words assembled together in the beat so that it sounds like he’s deftly referencing raindrops and mixing it in with mention of microdots. It’s a free association recontextualization of bits of music and ideas not unlike something you’d hear from Girl Talk or DJ Shadow but here more overtly psychedelic with Biggie living on not as a hologram but as the inevitable sample for the quality of his voice that brought to his own music a gritty authenticity. Sitting in the track as his voice does here it expands narrow notions of musical genre and really is this a hip-hop or EDM track? Too weird for either alone but something you could definitely hear in someone’s set when they’re chilling out for a moment before going hard again or whatever it is people say they do now. Listen to “Raindrops On Roses (The Biggie Edition)” on Soundcloud and follow An-Ten-Nae at the links below.

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