Ferguson’s Daughter’s “Panic Attacks In Love” Embodies the Amplified Emotions at Crucial Turning Points in a Relationship

Ferguson’s Daughter, photo by Lindsey Plotner

“Panic Attacks In Love” by Ferguson’s Daughter is not a conventional song in form, in composition, in length. In the background one hears a raw and aching conversation between, presumably, two people in a relationship who are discussing one person’s insecurities coming to the fore at what could be a crossroads in that relationship where they’re making big decisions that could change everything about the bond like moving in together as a big step and the possibility of starting a family but not wanting to be a bad parent because one person doesn’t know if she’s up to being a parent before figuring herself out some more. After all parenting while offering the potential for other kinds of growth, puts a lot of personal growth on pause for years even if you’re engaged and don’t do the obvious things wrong. In the foreground throughout is a spacious and lonely piano line that evolves and breaks from expected progressions and melodies to reflect the mood of the piece with peaks of tonal activity and lingering chord progressions like your mood when you’re going through a messy spell in your brain. It’s nearly uncomfortably vulnerable in expression but in the end cathartic for anyone who has hit that time in their lives when your sense of self isn’t as strong as maybe it was or that you’d like it to be but you’re faced with important decisions you can’t put off and heavy conversations need to be had to try to get to a place where it doesn’t all feel like loose and frayed ends. Thus the title of the track is perfect because in the throes of a panic attack everything feels like its crashing in on you and that you could die any moment for a sustained period that amplifies every feeling to the point of being acutely overwhelming. The song is from Ferguson’s Daughter’s April 2022 EP Blissed Out Blues which isn’t short on songs that pair dynamic and evocative piano composition with highly emotional lyrics and vocal delivery although the other tracks aren’t so overtly experimental as this piece. Listen to “Panic Attacks In Love” on Spotify where you can also listen to the rest of Blissed Out Blues and follow Ferguson’s Daughter on Soundcloud.


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