Queen City Sounds and Art focuses on music but will also cover art in Denver and beyond with weekly show highlights in town, interviews, profiles, music and local culture news as seems worth sharing, handy guides as appropriate. There will be no concessions to anyone’s lack of curiosity or ignorance. There is too much trivialization of creative work in the world today and to the extent possible this site will not participate in that process. Eventually we will share out local music history podcast as well as another podcast about current music and art with interviews with those making it.

The perspective here is locally based but aimed at connecting readers with music and art in the world at large. I saw a lack in all of this in Denver and rather than wait for someone to put together something I considered valid or to put together a professional website to start, I thought an informal start would better serve my interests as well as those of the local and non-local music and art community from the perspective of someone who spent 11+ years as an active contributor to alternative weekly paper Westword as well as other publications such as The Onion and Bandcamp Daily. Thanks for reading. Website comments sections I have never found to be a forum for productive conversations so there won’t be any for any article. But if you would like to contact me regarding the site, its content or potential content, the email address is queencitysoundsandart@yahoo.com. I get bombarded by possible content all the time so if I don’t get back to you in what seems like a reasonable time or not at all, it’s not personal.  — Tom Murphy, editor and writer.

Regarding song postings of late, please visit our Submithub page to send singles for consideration. We are currently not taking submissions for song/video/album postings through any other route with very few exceptions. After July 2020 we will be taking an indefinite break from writing up anyone’s songs or albums. With no shows happening also taking a break from providing much content in general to focus on other projects.

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