Olivero and Alain Pérez Conspire to Elevate Your Mood With the Elegantly Energetic “Juntando Amores”

Olivero and Alain Pérez complement each other expertly on the song “Juntando Amores” (in English, joining or combining loves). Olivero’s energetic, hybrid salsa, flamenco and jazz style in sync with the horns and Pérez’s raw presence and lyrical vocal delivery combine for a song that covers a wide emotional range beginning with a melancholic, yearning tone that fluidly evolves into a mood more confident and affirmative graced with Olivero’s tastefully intricate guitar solos that never steal the spotlight from the other performers. It’s a song with elegant power and grace that draws you in quickly and brings you along for a ride to an elevated mood. Watch the video for “Juntando Amores” on YouTube and connect with the artists at the links below.


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