Kevin Blake Guides Us Through a Lively Process Video With the Buoyant IDM Track “Heartsines”

Watching the video for “Heartsines” it seems like a perfect song to accompany a process video for creating a range of visual art and animation. Paintings in collage with live footage and animated stills are in sync with the bright, playful tones of the song and as the rhythm picks up pace the parade of images matches growing layers of sound from the ghostly background synth to arpeggios of bleeps and textural tones in complexity and energetic expression. The mix keeps your brain engaged with the forward bell tones while other forces musical and visual keep a gentle momentum that keeps your attention and the full six minutes twenty-six secongs of the track passes feeling like half the time. Halfway through the song Blake takes time out from the headlong pace and the song fades to near silence before engaging once again with an even fuller sound and sustained frisson. Watch the video for “Heartsines” on YouTube, give a listen to the rest of the album The Rough With the Smooth on Bandcamp and follow Blake at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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