Rachel Kerry’s Nuanced Evocation of Complicated Feelings on “High” Help Us All to Better Process the Low Points In Our Love Lives

Rachel Kerry, photo courtesy the artist

“High,” the lead single from Rachel Kerry’s new EP Obsessions, is a different kind of song about infatuation. Yes, it describes what seems like the best part of a relationship that is destined for failure with a vibrant melody and gorgeously distorted synths, like the effervescent energy that seems to brim over from you when you’re in that moment. But it also layers that with the reality of knowing something isn’t right but not wanting to believe it only to have to live with that denial later when you’re feeling melancholic and maybe a little foolish for even wanting to believe something real was there. Yet Kerry’s approach to songwriting, able to express this complexity of emotional nuance, is sort of a celebration of being able to feel these things and to be able to get through the low points in your life without a need for indulging in the kind of bitter recriminations that many of us seem to feel the need to serve as a focal point to pull us out of the dark, melodramatic places of the heart. Kerry shows us how we can feel multiple things at once and not have to get stuck in any of it if we’re willing to feel it and maybe even let it go. Listen to “High” on Soundcloud and connect with Rachel Kerry at the links below.


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