GIUDI Exposes Her Own So-Called Imperfections to Help Us All Dispel Judgments Over Physical Appearance in the Video for “NoBody”

GIUDI, photo courtesy the artist

Czech pop artist GIUDI collaborated with art director and filmmaker Jakub Ra of New Aliens Agency to realize a vision for her lush and introspective downtempo single “NoBody.” The singer says the song is about how the essence of who we are is not our physical bodies and the chorus of “NoBody is home” points to her concept of how the immortal self transcends the transitory existence we experience in a specific body in a specific time in a specific world. That because of this we shouldn’t get hung up on so-called imperfections, especially when they are fairly minor and, with any luck, a product of age and the way our bodies change over time regardless of age, but rather accept and even embrace them. The song has an entrancingly luminous quality that envelops and soothes the mind and the video though dark yet colorful shows GIUDI being open and vulnerable about what some might see as her own physical imperfections. It’s a move that is not just talk, not just theory, a concrete example and not abstraction. Her hair isn’t made up, she reveals areas of cellulite, patches of dry skin, wrinkles, variations in complexion and other features that in the grand scheme of things don’t matter compared to who we are and how we are. Watch the video for “NoBody” on YouTube and follow GIUDI at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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