“Cerro” by TROVA Smooths Out the Angst and Apprehension in Your Mind With its Flow of Cool and Tranquil Drones

TROVA “Cerro” cover

TROVA’s first single of 2020 “Cerro” rewards your patience as the song develops from a quiet flow of melodic drones like the fingers of the sun through fading storm clouds at dawn. The strands of sunlight poke through breaks in the cloud cover as the orb climbs into the sky while the world remains still from nocturnal inactivity. But the sun doesn’t compete with the clouds, rather works with and through them as the skies rain down intermittent sprinkles through the day to bring with it a sense of peace and tranquility accented by moments of sunshine to signal the storm system of the night before is moving on and the promise of a bright day ahead sets in. The mix of shadow and light as embodied in this song puts one in a reflective mood as its tones and textures flow through your mind to smooth out angst and apprehension to make way for clarity and resolve to go into the future with a clear head. Listen to “Cerro” on Bandcamp and follow TROVA at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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