Adult Programming’s “YR FAULT” is a Frantic Yet Light-Hearted Rebellion Against the Excessive Demands of Late Capitalism On All Aspects of Our Lives

Adult Programming, photo courtesy the artist

The frantic pace and splayed dynamic of Adult Programming’s “YR FAULT” captures the demands of modern life in their seeming ability to pull us in all directions. Nothing we do is enough, no sacrifice is too much for a job or being an adult (or a kid, let’s be real), no effort is too much and if you want some time to yourself or falter in the avalanche of your responsibilities then you only have yourself to blame who cares if the structure of society, its culture and its economic system grinds you under as a mere human. When the information economy and technology can permeate and reach you in all areas of your life, when you are accessible and essentially on demand, most of your day, it wears thin and it’s natural to want to rebel against this turning of self into product. The music is a mix of hectic Faint-esque post-punk and 80s synth pop fueled by nervous energy. Best of all, the song commands but doesn’t demand too much of your time at two and a half minutes. Watch the video for “YR FAULT” on YouTube.

Author: simianthinker

Editor, primary content provider for this blog. Former contributor to Westword and The Onion.