Perfect Blue Channels the Raw Pop of C86 on Exuberant New Single “Poppyseed”

Perfect Blue, photo courtesy the artists

“Poppyseed” by Perfect Blue from Chicago sounds a little lo-fi for a song that balances out a broad spectrum of sound but that quality is what makes it reminiscent of C86-era bands and Shop Assistants in particular. Both bands share an affinity for raw compositions and upbeat melodies. Perfect Blue uses saxophone the way other bands might use bass as both a rhythm instrument and a carrier of melody at once. And at times it gives the song an unusual sound like if Felt (circa Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty) and General Public did a song together. At the first the song may strike you a little odd but it rewards repeated listens in appreciating the layers and aesthetic that isn’t in some style being replicated endlessly even as darkwave and yesteryear post-punk has been mined well beyond the American and English strains of that music. Look for the group’s forthcoming self-titled EP but for now listen to “Poppyseed” on Soundcloud and follow Perfect Blue at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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