Blushing Boy Rages Against Becoming a Corporate Cog on Seething Post-Punk Single “Consumer”

Ella Naseeb of Blushing Boy, photo courtesy the artist

Blushing Boy examines the way we’re indoctrinated to fill a certain role in society these days on its song “Consumer.” Frontwoman Ella Naseeb sings about the various ways we’re channeled into what we think are meaningful choices in life that shape our identity when really those identities are ways by which we can be marketed and fulfill our role as consumers pre-conditioned to consuming in specific ways streamlined to fit ourselves into a demographic that justifies research data to keep the international modern capitalist grind running smoothly. But everyone knows deep down that such a state of things is antithetical and even anti-human and unnatural. In declaring “I’m not a consumer!” amidst chilling keyboard atmospheres, expansive and caustic guitar feedback and brooding but urgent rhythms. The song sounds like a fire set to the notion of going along to get along with the machinery of oppression both internalized and otherwise. Watch the video for consumer below after the Soundcloud link to listen to the song and follow Blushing Boy at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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