Doo Crowder’s Tenderly Heartbreaking “Goodbye My Favorite” Is a Direct and Powerful Evocation of Loss and Love

Doo Crowder sounds so close and holding on by fragile threads on “Goodbye My Favorite.” He seems to be singing a song to a recently lost loved one. With just his clear and emotionally ragged voice gently delivering words so tender and heartbreaking it’s easy forget the elegant and spare guitar work that sets the perfect timbre to what might be described as a desolated yet loving tribute. When Crowder sings “So I pray we might reunite/As teardrops fall/Each one a memory/Of what you shared with me/May I cry them all” it’s so simple and direct and devastating that it slips past your defenses because it has no agenda other than communicating a feeling we hope we never have to experience but we all have or we all will someday. In giving voice to that pure expression of loss Crowder honors all the feelings and memories around those words without melodrama and with no more than the absolute essential elements of songwriting. Crowder has been writing songs for years in bands like indiepop band The Dinnermints, with the sprawling indie folk orchestra Pee Pee and on his own in various incarnations of his experiments in sound including electronic, avant-garde pop but the through line is a disarming sincerity and sensitivity to his subjects and that is in full force with this song. Listen to “Goodbye My Favorite” on Spotify and connect with Crowder at the links below.

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