Turquoise Urge Positive Action Now on Glowingly Urgent Post-punk Single “Tumulte”

Turquoise, photo courtesy the artists’ Bandcamp

Based purely on its single “Tumulte,” Belgian band Turquoise is appropriately named. Its urgent atmospherics are bright yet moody and its musical palette a gorgeous mix of elements: driving, melodic bass lead and spiraling guitar leads with perfectly accented percussion. The collage of styles places the song well within the realm of modern post-punk but with some aesthetic nods to early Ministry, knowingly or not future members of Ministry in Blackouts and more recent practitioners of melancholic pop like Actors. But Turquoise infuses the song with a wiry energy that hints at roots in punk. Certainly the lyrics, which are in French, hint at political themes of frustration at the status quo and the way many people intellectualize the very things that torment them and make their lives more difficult and insist on gradual change when that can be inadequate to the moment. You know, like waiting for “the market” to take care of pressing social and ecological issues, waiting for elites to come to a consensus on how to handle climate change. “Tumulte” isn’t necessarily calling for revolution but it sure does sound and feel like a declaration of resistance to abstracting people’s lives to some theoretical exercise and a need for action sooner than later. Listen to “Tumulte” on YouTube and check out the other track on the single “Voix off.” Keep up with Turquoise on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify linked below.

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