Paul Cousins’ “Afterimage” is an Entrancing Bit of Improvisational Analog Sound Design

Paul Cousins, photo courtesy the artist

Paul Cousins set up reel-to-reel tape machines with a fifty-eight inch tape loop running between them to craft the warm yet otherworldly sounds for his composition “Afterimage.” It is a whorling tone that sounds like it’s breaking up as it ripples outward and repeats at unexpected intervals like an extended sample but one which has slight changes with every iteration due to the physical quality of the tape running and underneath are what sound like the mechanism of the tape machine captured on the recording like a built in counting of the passage of time rather than a more traditional beat. The gorgeously repetitive dynamic is reminiscent of the work of ambient band The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact and as gifted at creating music that suggests cinematic aesthetics of collage images and improvisational sound design. Listen to “Afterimage” on Bandcamp and connect further with the London-based composer at the links provided.

Paul Cousins on YouTube

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