“Alchemy” by indigos paradise is a Musical Vision of Creatively and Culturally Syncretic Future

indigos paradise, photo courtesy the artist

“Alchemy” is an entrancing showcase for indigos paradise’s eclectic and rich sound palette. Living up to the title, the track is built on a base of a hybrid of luminous IDM synth track and techno beat but processed with the kind of reverb to suggest a wide open space within which various other sounds launch and dissipate, where voices call cadence like an android announcing the arrival of trains in some futuristic station where a language based on some sort of then contemporary machine language is understood by all—machines, humans, visiting alien species. The blend of styles that indigos paradise brings to bear itself suggests a future where clear distinctions between artistic disciplines and genres are even less clear than they are now and creative work can more readily express an individual vision rather than reflect an internalized compliance with established modes and methods. Listen to “Alchemy” and the rest of the new indigos paradise album The Oasis on Bandcamp and connect with the artist at the links provided.



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