Remington super 60 Capture the Melancholy of Romantic Ambivalence on “I Don’t Wanna Wait”

Remington super 60 New EP cover (cropped)

The luminous bell tones that carry the main melody of Remington super 60’s “I Don’t Wanna Wait” conveys the sense of ambivalence that runs through the lyrics. The vocalist intones wistfully about how she wanted things to be differently with someone but reconciling herself to the fact that she doesn’t really know what this person is about or their intentions and ponders if waiting to have a more solid emotional grasp of this person is worth the wait or if said person is someone who it would be foolish to think will come around and be the kind of person who gives one a sense of solidity of identity and whether or not the feelings of genuine affection and regard are returned. The elegance of the composition is striking and while the aforementioned electronic bell sounds and the resonant vocals catch one’s attention immediately, the incidental sounds that round out the melody give the song a strong sense of emotional impact by giving the resigned melancholy of the foreground music a grounding in something more vividly textural even as it rests on the edges of the song. Listen to “I Don’t Wanna Wait,” which appeared on the group’s January 2020 release, the simply titled New EP, on Soundcloud and follow the Norwegian group at the links below.

Author: simianthinker

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