Advakit’s “Halcyon” is a Tonal Oasis of Tranquility

Advakit, “Halcyon” cover (cropped)

“Halcyon” by Advakit is a great example of how to place sounds in a mix to give a sense of depth and movement. The layers of synth melody and electronic percussion create a sonic environment that feels like your mind is resting in a place in your memory where the happy and tranquil moods and images dwell. As though you are able to take a walk through a moving gallery that only contains the good and soothing things so that you’re able to shuffle off the anxiety and concern of everyday life if only for the relatively short duration of the song. One imagines a place well lit but not aggressively illuminated, impossibly infinite horizons outside windows and off an immaculate beachside view in perpetual mid-spring or fall. Of course a lifetime spent in such an place would stagnate and become unhealthily soporific but in these angst-ridden times indulging in a bit of this mode of being is good for everyone. Listen to “Halcyon” on Soundcloud.

Author: simianthinker

Editor, primary content provider for this blog. Former contributor to Westword and The Onion.