EL LAGO’s “Citadel” is Like Waking Suddenly From a Dream Into a Disorienting World Full of Wonders

EL LAGO Pyramid cover (cropped)

The bendy guitar whorls of EL LAGO’s “Citadel” are an interesting contrast with the downtempo dynamic going on with the vocals and percussion. Shimmering tones mid-song evolve into an urgent melody that gives way to more soaring bends that rise and collapse into introspective melodies once again. It gives the song an electrified and disorienting quality like waking from a nap and getting your moorings when everything around you seems so significant but confusing while you get your footing coming so quickly out of dreaming and the hypnagogic state. Fans of early Medicine and My Bloody Valentine will appreciate the way the song paradoxically has a cutting quality that is simultaneously fluid and the unpredictable rhythms that are also oddly hypnotic. The single is part of the group’s new album Pyramid, which released on October 25 through Wallflower Records. The group recently performed at the LEVITATION festival in Austin with plans for a US tour in 2020. Listen to “Citadel” on Soundcloud and follow EL LAGO at the links below.


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