Glass Spells’ Darkwave Disco Song “Don’t Save Me” is a Plea For Authenticity in an Era of Mediated Personality

Glass Spells, photo courtesy the artists

On “Don’t Save Me” Glass Spells uses the sound of an upbeat melody and urgent rhythm, in the classic mode of post-punk, to make a disheartening point about humanity while giving you something for the message go down better. The lyric “I took the darkness of your lies, the unknown pleasures of your past” speaks much when followed by “Don’t save me now, don’t tell me how” to the way so much, not just online but in our everyday lives, is mediated so that many people think they can just change in and out of identities and personalities like their personal history never happened and as though regular human attachments including the reality of your life as a mortal human is contingent as long as it suits a narrative however questionable. The song is like a plea for something authentic in a person and in experiences in an era where presentation seems to have more cachet than the genuine article. Fans of Violet Tremors, early Ladytron and The Vanishing will appreciate the way this trio crafts synth-driven post-punk in a way that transcends the conventions and embraces the way you can make a disco and electroclash beat moody and urgent. Listen to “Don’t Save Me” on Soundcloud and follow Glass Spells at the links provided.

Author: simianthinker

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