“Figured It All Out” by Zoë Phillips is a Sweeping Song About Personal Accountability

Zoë Phillips, “Figured It All Out” cover (cropped)

Zoë Phillips sounds confident yet introspective on her song “Figured It All Out.” Her voice is bright and seems to drive a sweeping piano line and spare yet expressive percussion. But the effect by the end of the song is one that conveys a feeling of having been caught up by events in one’s life and looking back with a sensitive eye for where and when maybe you had moments of misguided action based in overconfidence and too much faith in the efficacy of your beliefs and feelings as though those wouldn’t change and would be adequate for the rest of your life. Without explicitly saying so the song in the sophisticated simplicity of its composition says that sometimes we need to take a pause to consider if what we’re doing is the right thing or if it’s something we’ve talked ourselves into and justified in the name of the expediency of promoting our agenda without considering the ripple effect of those actions for our own lives and that of others. Phillips just says this with the poetry of a pop song without overthinking it and because of that the song has a directness and immediacy that an essay on personal accountability couldn’t convey with such economy. Listen to “Figured It All Out” on Spotify and connect with Zoë Phillips at the links below.