Morningless Brings Some of the Magic of Dreams to the Waking World on “Sand”

Morningless By My Fireplace cover

The soft dynamics and introspective yet vivid melodies of “Sand” by Morningless is reminiscent of XTC. The cadence of the vocal dynamics and the way it sits within a swirl and sparkle of fine layers of guitar, keyboards and percussion that seem to flow and weave together as distinct streams of sound. One imagines a walk through a forest in a dream encountering the usual surreal yet familiar settings, situations and people. In short passages of fiery, distorted guitar one hears the perils of a nightmare having burst in upon the tranquil meetings with the avatar of dream, the Sandman himself, but as the dream turns a corner on that fleeting cosmic narrative of significance that is the lucid dream the nightmares pass on. In the song our narrator discovers a place where the weight of social expectation is lifted and he can “Be myself for once in my life” and that we all can in the realm of dreams and knowing that it’s not such a huge leap to bring that state of mind to the waking world, enriching it with a bit of that nourishing sand of the dreamtime. Listen to “Sand” on Spotify.