Leland And The Silver Wells Await a Spiritual Reckoning on the Moody and Mysterious “What Comes Around”

The processional pace of “What Comes Around,” the title track from Leland And The Silver Wells’ forthcoming album (out June 3 via Rubia Records) is represented well in the music video directed by Larissa Jaks. The song is driven by a brooding piano line, finely accented percussion and Leland Ettinger’s bright, forceful vocals that shift effortlessly from powerful and direct to introspective and back. The theme of the song seems obscured except that Ettinger’s lyrics hint at past transgressions and guilt followed by an impending reckoning cast in religious terms with references to the sacrament, the devil’s screams haunting the narrator and the sounds of angels gathering for a crisis of the soul and answering for a mysterious sin. Watch the video for “What Comes Around” on YouTube and follow Leland And The Silver Wells at the links below.