Queen City Sounds Podcast Ep. 47: Shadows Tranquil

Shadows Tranquil, photo by Tom Murphy

Shadows Tranquil began shortly after guitarist/vocalist Doran Robischon parted ways with indie rock/post-punk band Gauntlet Hair in 2012. Evolving musical ideas for the band over a few years and going through various incarnations of the band by 2018 and the group’s earliest shows Shadows Tranquil emerged as the kind of band that sure had its roots in atmospheric guitar work akin to shoegaze and post-punk but with an edge and deep and nuanced emotional expression that also brought together its members background and interest in extreme metal and progressive rock. What you see is a band that isn’t cookie cutter in style with layers of musical ideas that seem orchestral in conception but with an air of the spontaneous in execution. The elegance in composition and the tiniest of sonic details is impressive. The band’s forthcoming album Downward Flowers engineered by Erik Ryan at Decibel Garden is both melancholic and defiant, introspective and exuberant, reconciling a full range of human emotional instincts.

Listen to our interview with Shadows Tranquil on Bandcamp linked below and go see the band at Down in Denver Fest on Sunday, 8/21/22 at 4 pm on the Howl Stage. For more information on the festival and on Shadows Tranquil visit one of the links beneath the interview.

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