Johnny Labelle Dreams of Looking Back on the Current Crisis From 20,000 Years In the Future on “Beginning of the End”

Johnny Labelle, Virus Positions compilation cover

An air of yesteryear floats through Johnny Labelle’s song “Beginning of the End.” Labelle’s croon is reminiscent of Scott Walker with the song’s vibe recalling that of some old Lee Hazlewood songs. The way both of those artists seem to come to us from a long time ago and probably seemed so then. A certain timelessness and the channeling of the hyper reality of a lucid dream. But the seemingly programmed drums place the song in the present even as the string synths and distorted melody cast your mind into a nostalgic and even romantic frame of mind for a world that may never come back and was it so great to begin with? Glittering chimes, Mellotron-esque tones and ethereal drones serve as the backdrop of Labelle talking about having a dream in which he wakes up in 20,000 years and in that framing Labelle explores that head space with a contemplative grandeur. Listen to “Beginning of the End” on Spotify and connect with the Greek songwriter at the links provided.