The Mattoid Returns With Existential Love Song “Great Lovers”

After a fourteen year hiatus Ville Kiviniemi returns with his project The Mattoid and a new album Great Lovers. The lead single and title track arrives with an animated music video directed by Laura Rantala|. The repetitive acoustic guitar riff is the one constant that holds the song together as the piano/keyboard melody erupts, flows freely, traces the contour of rhythm and otherwise incandesces in dramatic fashion. Kiviniemi’s vocals recall those of Bill Callahan in being a little gruff yet perfect for expressing regret, confusion and vulnerability while projecting a rugged emotional strength. The song is both earthy and luminous, dreamlike yet vivid and tapping into the myths that inform our notions of what relationships are supposed to look like in the idea and contrasting that with the reality of lived experience. And central to these cognitive disconnects we have with each other is the idea posed in the song about how we can use the same types of visual organs operating according to the same scientific principles and interpret the world so differently. Which isn’t something to be taken too literally as it speaks much to perception as shaped by expectation. Beyond these heady existential examinations the song creates a mood and evokes the darkness we’re trying to illuminate the best we can with the limited and hopefully evolving tools at our disposal to connect with other people and the world around us without having to resort to pressing our own interpretations on others as an objective truth. Watch the video for “Great Lovers” on YouTube, follow The Mattoid on Spotify and order the physical release of Great Lovers on Rough Trade.