Urchin’s Blend of Jazz and Techno Blurs the Line Between Early 2000s Progressive Trance and Indie Electro on “Without No Fear”

Urchin, photo courtesy the artists

“Without No Fear” by Urchin is reminiscent of the kind of music that one might have expected to hear in a movie taking place parallel to Trainspotting. The similar touchstones of blending jazz, electronic dance music and soul are there. But it’s an update on that sound that captures the heightened reality offered by the tranquil moments in otherwise stylized action movies like Layer Cake and Snatch. The track from the project’s forthcoming 2020 sophomore EP hits one’s ears like an Underworld song rooted more in organic sounds but imbued with that sort of hypnotic momentum and effervescent sound design. The song is a bit like using and indie rock and jazz palette of sounds with the style and structure of progressive trance. It’s a fascinating and evocative bit of abstracting together music that has traditionally been in two different spheres though these days those worlds are closer together than ever as methods of recording and production for both are similar and musical tastes not so sectarian. Listen to “Without No Fear” on Soundcloud and follow Urchin at the links below.