VIVIAN’s Debut Single “Tick Tock Talk” is a Windswept Dream Pop Goodbye to a Mindset Limited by the Mundane

VIVIAN “Tick Tock Talk” cover

“Tick Tock Talk” is the debut single from Fort Collins-based dream pop band VIVIAN. The group includes Timo Massa and Alana Rolfe of rock band Stella Luce. After a decade of performing sophisticated, experimental rock music, the duo switched gears for the more electronic VIVIAN. The track is crafted from sweeps of distorted synth and textural drone, minimal guitar tracing unconventional melodic structure, ghostly electronic tonal figures and Rolfe’s typically sultry vocals. The title of the song is a bit of alliteration to put into the song the way time is often imposed on us in a mundane, rote way even though we can dream about our lives in a less linear fashion as beings able to imagine existence beyond time and beyond our immediate existence and likely possibilities. “I want to leave the earth, but you want to stay right here” points at having aspirations of exiting the mundane and wanting to talk and live in ways that aren’t limited by the conventions of what we’ve been told is possible at all times in our lives and especially the timelines most people observe for when to stop dreaming and grow up. For the heady concepts that run in the song’s beautiful layers of dynamic minimalism, “Tick Tock Talk” seems direct in its poetry. Listen to the song on Bandcamp, connect with VIVIAN at the links below and look out for the duo’s albm The Warped Glimmer due out in 2020.