Per Störby Jutbring Instills a Sense of Childhood Curiosity and Sense of Adventure on the Title Track to His New Album The Thief Bunny Society

Per Störby Jutbring, photo courtesy the artist

The title track to Per Störby Jutbring’s latest album The Thief Bunny Society has all the light, playful yet imagination stirring qualities of great childhood fantasy movies, the kind that don’t pander and remain enjoyable through adulthood. Like Nigel Westlake’s score for Babe, Alan Silvestri’s soundtrack to FernGully or any of Danny Elfman’s cinematic music. With layers of piano, strings, clarinet and electronics, Jutbring conveys a sense of openness and freedom, of a vista of adventures to look forward to in whatever this Thief Bunny Society may be. Is it the kind of society children form to bond over a summer of shared hijinks and discovery, of creative mischief and several weeks free of all the demands of life during the school year? While that may be an age and perhaps for many class specific option, it is something everyone should get to experience sometime in their lives—a lengthy period of time where your imagination and intuition are the guide and fun is the goal—so that you have a place in your heart that you can go to when life can seem like drudgery and the demands place on you seem burdensome. It’s a psychological space that represents a freedom that can’t be taken away from you. Jutbring’s soundtrack provides the sonic analog of that experience as the childhood soundtrack to a film that does not yet exist, He taps into those parts of your brain that create those feelings with his composition and your mind is better for having heard it. Listen to “The Thief Bunny Society” on Soundcloud and follow Jutbring at the links below.