“A Safe Warm Space at The End of The World” by Ambient Duo Pink Sky is the Sound of a Zen-like Acceptance of the Last Chapter of the Story of the Cosmos as We Know It

Pink Sky, photo courtesy the artists

“A Safe Warm Space at The End of The World” by Pink Sky sounds not like a mournful end of the world. It is not the dark, claustrophobic vision like William Hope Hodgson’s The Night Land, it is not the destructive end of an apocalypse. It is more like the closing chapter of a beloved story. It is a coming together of the strands of existence and meeting with your loved ones one last time before the world as you know it comes to its end or transitions into something else. During its more than thirteen minutes of hazy but bright drones, bubbling tones, oscillating melodies, shimmering high notes and other streams of sound mixing together, “A Safe Warm Space at The End of The World” feels like more an acceptance of the end rather than fear. There is a sense of trust in what comes next even if you can’t know what it will be or if your formal existence will be part of the next world. In the last story of Clifford D. Simak’s 1952 science fiction classic City wherein a sentient mutant observes the triumph of the ants over the earth and rather than seek to wipe them out he accepts their path and chooses to find his own fate in the rest of the universe. A bit of that benevolent resignation is in the essence of this song. There’s something to be said for reaching periods of denouement in your life, Pink Sky have just managed to articulate that in a soothing beautiful way with this track. Listen to the song on Soundcloud and follow Pink Sky at the links below where you can listen to the rest of the band’s new LP meditations.