Taleen Kali’s “Flower of Life” Fuses Post-Punk Darkness and Psych Garage Fire

Former TÜLIPS frontperson Taleen Kali’s latest single “Flower of Life” simmers and then blazes with an irresistible momentum. Since her former band’s split in 2016 Kali has been on different sonic trajectories than the inspired fusion of garage rock, psychedelia and riot grrrl-esque punk of TÜLIPS. This song has a focused urgency in the pace and rhythm that borders on the motorik and is hypnotic in the sense that you get swept up in its headlong energy and Kali’s commanding vocals, perhaps the only element that doesn’t distort with an incandescent heat. Immediate comparisons aren’t easy to make to give the potential listener an idea of what they’re in for other than something like Milemarker but with sonics more akin to The Beths. The cover art for the single (a portion above) looks like something out of a mysterious movie about radical politics by Olivier Assayas and that just adds to appealing aesthetic of the single. Listen to “Flower Of Life” on YouTube and follow the musically multi-faceted Taleen Kali at the links provided and perchance order the limited edition 7” lathe cut on transparent cherry red vinyl on Bandcamp which also includes the B-side “Crusher.”


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