“Your Eyes or Something Like Them” is Tacono Gate’s Love Song for Someone That Makes You Forget the Tedium of Everyday Life

Tacono Gate’s song “Your Eyes or Something Like Them” sounds like a reinvention of an 80s synth pop song rendered in a glorious lo-fi aesthetic. But the opening guitar riff echoing ever so slightly sets the stage for what is a strange journey from a melancholic and almost morbid indie rock vibe into a song like a Silver Jews song gone Goth. The processing on the vocals later in the song gives them an alien quality that pairs well with the introduction of dreamlike synths hovering back and forth in a simple progression like something cribbed from a Molly Nilsson song as interpreted by John Maus but repurposed for this bizarrely romantic song of longing for someone dearly missed in that moment. And who can’t relate to the sentiments about going through one’s everyday routines and and thing “every song sounded the same” and “all the people look so strange to me” because they can’t compare to someone who you know gets it or at the very least is interesting enough to set themselves so much apart of the run of the mill mundane experience that don’t hold your attention. If this is a love song it’s at least one that is unabashedly eccentric and tonally and dynamically colors outside the usual songwriting lines without crossing over into outsider territory. Listen to “Your Eyes or Something Like Them” on Spotify and follow Tacono Gate at the links below.

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Tacono Gates Defiantly Melancholic “It’ll All Come to Pass” is a Reminder That the Burdensome Situations in Our Lives Are Ephemeral

Tacono Gate, image courtesy the artists

Tacono Gate gets “It’ll All Come to Pass” going with a grittily uplifting riff that soars into an evocative, anthemic verse. The synth compliments the elevated tone of the vocals in a way that syncs nicely with what comes to be an almost hypnotic melodic drone that flows and resolves throughout the song. Fans of The Chameleons and Comsat Angels will appreciate the defiant yet melancholic progressions. Like the band is struggling against the unacceptable inevitable. Like knowing you’re going to take that okay paying job because it’ll mean that you can afford to not just survive but have something for yourself to pursue what you really care about on the side until maybe it becomes your main gig. All while taking it on with a resigned spirit knowing that you, and really everyone, deserves better than what is on offer, that this contingent reality that benefits the few at the expense of the hopes and dreams of the majority is unsustainable but for now it is what it is. And yet, the song more than hints that this and other situations in life will come to pass in the end. While cold comfort in the moment, it beats utter despair. Listen on Soundcloud and follow Tacono Gate at the links provided.