Tablefox Honors the Struggle of the Modern Social Rat Race on “Keep Them Guessing”

Tablefox, photo courtesy the artists

Although from New Zealand, Tablefox channels strands of 90s Britpop on its new single “Keep Them Guessing.” The driving, atmospheric melodies and soaring yet grounded vocals and searing guitar work brought to bear also seem to evoke a sense of running ahead of a brooding menace and escaping just in time. What that threat might be doesn’t matter as much as the energy of that sort of motivation and eventual triumph gives the song an irresistible momentum. The song seems to be about that old chestnut about faking it until you make it and that elusive quality today in the age of social media accessibility of maintaining a mystique about oneself so that can be an asset even if it’s essentially a pose as much as projecting an image of glamour and all good times all the time. But hey if you’re one step ahead of your troubles and of people figuring out you’re not as cool as you’d like them to think or that they might initially think of you when they don’t see the real person maybe you’ll be alright. But is that a worthy goal and use of your time and energy in life? The song doesn’t answer the question but it does express some sympathy with the social rat race forced on most people these days in one way or another and in doing so the song honors the struggle even if it doesn’t quite celebrate it. Watch the video for “Keep Them Guessing” on YouTube and connect with Tablefox at the links below.

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Tablefox Subverts the Bravado of 80s Action Movie Rock to Deliver a Tenderly Confessional Pop Song

Tablefox, photo courtesy the artists

One its new single “Always Always,” New Zealand’s Tablefox strikes triumphant tones with an epic upsweep of chords and rhythm. But this upbeat tone comes with a deeply confessional story of a person who admits to shortcomings in their relationships with a specific person. But wanting to make up for those failings by being present now and not running from admitting to an emotional connection that was always there. It’s an interesting piece of music considering the core message seems to be the singer admitting to pursuing nonsense that in their own minds seemed more exciting and important but that it was simply “My foolish paradise.” Musically it sounds like one of those badass pop anthems that might have appeared in a Sylvester Stallone movie crossed with one The Call’s spiritual power pop ballads. Except it subverts the macho bravado of the former and embraces the earnestness of the latter in delivering a song that is sweeping and heartfelt. Listen to “Always Always” on Soundcloud and follow Tablefox at the link below.