sub sequence Evokes a Sense of the Mystical, the Mythic and the Primordial on “seize release”

sub sequence, photo courtesy the artist

There is a sense of deep ocean and a dreamlike state on “seize release” by sub sequence. The chimes and bell tones amid a steady beat and organ resonating in stereo as female vocals intone in something like a chant suggest a subterranean journey of some kind to a place deep in the earth or deep in the heart, to a cthonic shrine where fiery coals burn with an incense designed to cleanse the brain of personal darkness. Fans of the more mystical side of William Orbit’s 1993 Strange Cargo III, in particular “The Monkey King” will appreciate the way the track engulfs you in a sense of the otherworldly and mythical with an expert use of depth of sonic field where low end is strong but of soft impact and the percussion tribal and hypnotic in counterpoint to the synth swells that exert their own trance-inducing effect. Listen to “seize release” on Soundcloud and follow sub sequence at the links provided.