Haruhisa Tanaka’s Ambient Track “Still” is the Aural Equivalent of Meditating at the Bottom of a Mountain Pond in Summer

Haruhisa Tanaka, photo courtesy the artist

Imagine yourself able to rest at the bottom of a clear, mountain pond, the liquid flowing over you in its endless variety of textures yet consistent in its calming tactile quality. Sunlight refracted through the water warming your surfaces, the intermittent interruptions in illumination from the aquatic insects skittering atop the water, fish swimming by, plants shifting in currents. Your mind mixes the natural, ambient sounds and abstracts some to tones as textural flow, melodic drones that follow no meter but resonate with its own fractal logic, soothing in the way those sounds chart natural processes with the mathematics that govern the chaos and order of the universe. Haruhisa Tanaka’s “Still” sounds like it was composed imagining that likely impossible scenario and in so doing creates a tranquil audio analog of the experience perfect for letting one’s anxieties dissolve into eternity. Listen to “Still” on Bandcamp and follow Haruhisa Tanaka at the links provided. Tanaka’s latest EP Yusura was released February 13, 2020.