Bendi Boi’s Spy Thriller Darkwave Track “Spinnen Sie” in a Hypnotic Glimpse Into Futuristic Downtempo Techno

Bendi Boy <i>Meine Gäst</> cover

There’s something undeniably appealing about something so surreal as the mix of elements South Korean songwriter Shinji Kim brings together for her project Bendi Boi. In music video for “Spinnen Sie” from the Bendi Boi album Meine Gäst, Kim and perhaps producer Danila Chikilev introduce visuals making it look like a futuristic spy drama as imagined by Korean comic or manga artist including the figure and image of popular child’s toy/cultural artifact Mon Chichi. The music sounds like a really pure blend of post-punk and on the more techno and experimental end of that like ADULT. or a more stripped down Boy Harsher except Kim’s vocals are very much her own fascinatingly tone of focused dispassion with lyrics in both English and German. The whole aesthetic feels very cosmopolitan and internationalist Bohemian in a way that sounds like a glimpse into a future in which we want to live where it wouldn’t be unusual to free associate and culture jam in such a seamlessly creatve way. Watch the video for Spinnen Sie” on YouTube and connect with Bendi Boi on Spotify and Apple Music where you can hear the rest of Meine Gäst.

Bendi Boi on Apple Music