Child Seat’s Glam Synth Pop Single “Burning” is Like a Tribute to Living in Your Feelings Like You’re a Character in a 1980s Science Fiction Action Epic

Child Seat, photo courtesy the artists

If Bonnie Tyler had a current career as a writer and director of science fiction movies you’d hope she’d tap the likes of Child Seat to do music for her various films. The “Burning” single and its music video festooned with imagery of interstellar objects while Madeleine Matthews dances and sings in the foreground with wind sweeping through her feathered hair as Josiah Mazzaschi unleashes fiery and tasty guitar licks with an all but stoic calm. It’s a personal dynamic not unlike that of Sparks with Russel Mael delivering the physical melodrama in the performance while his brother Ron in his own quasi-stoic way helps to orchestrate the music that gives the vocals their context. Toward the end of the video Jeff Schroeder comes into view with a guitar solo worthy of Joe Satriani or Steve Stevens circa 1986 and seals the aesthetic. But the energy of the song doesn’t feel throwback, it feels very present and visceral. Watch the video for “Burning” on YouTube, follow Child Seat on Instagram and look out for Child Seat’s debut album out in Fall 2022.

Carley Sunn Eviscerates Power Tripping Narcissists on “How Many Horses Do You Have?”

Carley Sunn “How Many Horses Do You Have?” cover (cropped)

“How Many Horses Do You Have?” finds Carley Sunn dipping into a glimmering, bass and synth driven 80s-era synth pop/new wave post-punk sound, like maybe the songwriter was taking in a lot of The Sound’s middle era, Sparks and early Wall of Voodoo. Maybe Sunn was into Echoes period The Rapture too or Les Savy Fav. What gives the song an interesting dichotomy is like all of those bands there’s the bright, melodic atmospheric element paired with an emotional intensity to the vocals. The story of the song is about a power tripping hypocrite who seems to have taken all his manufactured success symbols of proof for his validity as an authority figure. “How many damsels have you saved? How many pirates have you killed?” the vocalist asks in mockery of the faux heroics and the title of the song taking that dig even further. One only imagines the exact inspiration behind the song but we’ve all been in situations where someone in our lives seems to have so much power over us for a while, always entirely too long, and they seem to get a thrill out of their ability to control us and manipulate us thinking we don’t see through them and that their power will last forever when it never does. Listen to “How Many Horses Do You Have?” on Spotify and follow Carley Sunn on Instagram.