RAHM Evokes the Depths of His Loved One’s Unspoken Pain to Help the Healing on the Mysterious and Orchestral “Something Different”

RAHM, photo courtesy the artist

From the beginning of “Something Different” by RAHM it feels like we’re entering into a realm of music that free associates Scott Walker, Giorgio Moroder, downtempo, Flamenco and hymns. It gives the spare arrangements a subtle lushness that sounds like something that we would have heard on some European variety show in the 1970s that is unabashedly romantic and unself-aware even as the song expresses a keen sensitivity into moods and unexpressed pain of a loved one while poetically describing the moment. Perhaps the vibe is more like something out of a Sergio Leone movie that doesn’t take place in the mythical old west but instead a relationship drama in Italy. The orchestral arrangements border on the otherworldly informed by a sense of mystery like the theme song to a long lost classic film. Listen to “Something Different” on Soundcloud and follow RAHM there as well.