Sleepwalker Conjures a Sense of Expansive Darkness on the Cosmic Ambient Single “Call of Ashes II”

Sleepwalker, photo from Bandcamp

“Call of Ashes II” sounds like it came out of a vision quest to one of the secret mystical places in Sleepwalker’s home in remote depths of Siberia. Who can say what instruments are used. You hear what sound like cosmic deep drones possibly made by synth, possibly by a processed industrial hum, you hear what sounds like prayer bowels, struck bits of resonant metal, urgent spans of streaming, processed guitar. The effect is of traveling through immense places in the dark whether underground or in the arctic winter twilight. While stark and mysterious there is an undeniable beauty to the spacious composition that one hopes finds its way into a science fiction or horror movie worthy of its scope of sonic detail and undeniably engaging, emotional momentum. The cinema of Panos Cosmatos, Anthony Scott Burns and the Safdie Brothers would be a good match of moods and cosmic darkness. Listen to “Call of Ashes II” on Spotify and if you like what you hear you can listen to the 2021 split with Fen on Bandcamp. Connect with Sleepwalker at Instagram linked below.

Sleepwalker on Instagram

Sleepwalker Manifests an Invigorating Sense of Possibilities and Nostalgia on “The Last Farewell”

The interchange and intersection of luminous guitar haze, bright synth drone and the sound of piano charting alternate courses from the main wash of melody in the new Sleepwalker single “The Last Farewell” feels like the end of something, certainly, though more a moving onward to greater horizons and expansion of the mind, it is a sound of walking toward possibilities with a hint of nostalgia for what you might be leaving behind. The motes of tone sweeping past you as you are drifting forward through the song’s breezy pace is analogous to what it might be like to pass through a wormhole or through a whiteout blizzard in Siberia with the sun lighting up the landscape but hidden from view. The sound of the song conveys a strong sense of momentum and movement in the emotional and spiritual sense as symbolized by movement in the physical realm. Listen to “The Last Farewell” on YouTube and connect with the Russian transcendent black metal/cosmic drone band Sleepwalker on Bandcamp through the Ksenza Records page and on Spotify.