Siv Disa Explores the Mysterious Complexity of Instinct and Our Aspirations on “Moths”

Siv Disa, photo courtesy the artist

The video for Siv Disa’s “Moths” suits the hazily luminous melodic drone that draws us into the song. Visually it’s reminiscent of late 70s/early 80s psychotronic cinema or of Kate Bush’s 1980s music videos—dreamlike and symbolic. Disa sings in dynamic lines akin to those of Bush but her music is more modern in the processing of sounds. Electric piano and quivering synth drift in space amid minimal guitar work with Disa’s vocals guiding the paces, notes trailing in their wake. The image of the moths in the windows is an interesting detail as moths aren’t long lived and by instinct drawn to the light, distracted from living hinting at the song’s other lyrics wherein Disa sings about the subtly seductive powers of her own instinctive infatuations and how we can all get sidetracked from where we want to be by what we think we want in the moment when the right stimulus hits our nervous system. Watch the video on YouTube and follow Siv Disa at the links provided.

Siv Disa’s Downtempo “Rooms” Evokes Late Night New Wave Jazz Lounges of the Near Future

Siv Disa, photo courtesy the artist

Siv Disa released her Waltzes EP in the fall of 2018 but is now re-releasing it as a visual album. The single “Rooms” is a downtempo, melancholic number that conjures images of the mythical late night jazz lounge. Except that its drones and tonal details like candlelight and twinkling crystal make it sound like a New Wave torch song. One gets the impression that you’re sitting with Siv Disa in an antiquated simulation of that jazz lounge like the Elvis simulation from Bladerunner 2049 that K experiences in post-industrial-collapse-abandoned Vegas—so compelling and yet surreal, haunting yet comforting. That is until the end of the song when the pounding drums and accelerated pace hit and you wake from the reverie in panic at the possibility of missing the last shuttle home from the platform with access to the all but abandoned nostalgia theme park that fell out of vogue in a future when most of humanity has entered into a period of galactic diaspora looking outward with little time for recycling or revisiting past popular culture. “Rooms” has the romance of a classic piano ballad and synthesizes a sense of the past with an ineffably futuristic sensibility and a nod to the fact that good songwriting has a timelessness that transcends trends. It is a perfect blending of sounds and aesthetics that provoke reflection as well as relaxation. Listen to “Rooms” and the rest of Waltzes on Spotify and follow Siv Disa at the links below.