TROVA’s Tranquil “Silver” is the Perfect Track to Kick Off a Peaceful Summer

TROVA, photo courtesy the artist

TROVA “Silver” is the first release of his “Elements” concept recordings. And its minimalist, arpeggiated synth melodies repeating through and swimming in layers of drones flowing drones conveys a sense of underwater movement. One imagines whales and dolphins dancing to this in their elegant movements in the deep South Pacific where humans rarely venture to interrupt their way of life. The feeling of tranquility the song conveys is nearly irresistible as its dynamic arcs are long but never tedious. It’s an ambient track but one that is more on the end of beatless deep house and library music. Whatever TROVA’s true inspirations or process behind producing the song it expresses the feeling of endless early summer days in a now impossibly temperate climate with time to let the demands of everyday life untangle. Listen below and follow TROVA at the links provided.