Sham Family Torch the Rotting Masquerade of Political Respectability on “Plaque Protection”

Sham Family burst forth in shiny and urgent tones at the beginning of “Plaque Protection.” The title is a metaphor for the veneer of respectability put on by politicians and various people to make it seem like what they have to say is civil, genteel and thus reasonable when it is merely the cheapest theater employed by those who have little or nothing to offer. Unless the aforementioned gestures are meant as a way to prop up a position in society and a place of power. The surging guitar riff and propulsive rhythms and brashly intense vocals should appeal to fans of IDLES and Iceage as should the sense that the music is about to go off the rails at any moment even as the band maintain a delicate musical balancing act. Listen to “Plaque Protection” on Spotify or the Wavy Haze Records Soundcloud and give a listen to the band’s self-titled EP out now.