LP’s “Shaken” is a Powerful Anthem to Radical Vulnerability and Self-Care

LP, image courtesy the artist

LP sounds on the verge of breaking down while embracing the inherent power of her sensitivity and vulnerability on “Shaken.” Rather than out on a tough front after a break-up, LP feels that moment with every fiber of her being and speaks to that moment of intense pain with an unvarnished honesty and the knowledge that to deny the hurt is to dishonor your own reality. LP knows the peaks and valleys of love and when it ends, for whatever reason it ends, putting on dispassionate airs may make it easier to get through the worst of those moments but just feeling it with immediacy can so often make it easier to cope. The vocals on the track reach to your core and make it okay to join her in the heights of radical vulnerability throughout the song and beyond. Listen below and follow LP’s musical adventures at the links provided.