Daniele Sciolla Takes Us on an Musical Analog of Attaining Higher Quantum States With “SCHERZO”

Daniele Sciolla, Synth Carnival cover (cropped)

Daniele Sciolla wrote “SCHERZO” while visiting and recording in some of Europe’s best studios featuring analog synthesizers. The appropriately titled song which is a musical term meaning “a vigorous, light, or playful composition, typically comprising a movement in a symphony or sonata” is an energetic, layered composition of synth arpeggios and tonal drones that make for an uplifting melody and short journey that seems to capture what it must be like to be a subatomic particle attaining higher quantum states until the end when all individual elements of the song unify in the outro. The effect is not unlike a light flickering at increasingly shorter intervals until it stays on. Musically it’s akin to the music for 80s science fiction and horror movies with all those evocative soundtracks but the tonality is bright rather than brooding and dark. Watch the beautifully minimalistic video for “SCHERZO” on YouTube and connect with Daniele Sciolla at the links provided.