Sasha Daniel Has Crafted a Tender and Delicate Tribute to True Love on “Hold”

Sasha Daniel, photo by Max Cellar

Sasha Daniel uses an enigmatic, warbling drone and a minor progression on acoustic guitar to accompany her intimate vocals on “Hold.” It’s a song celebrating the love you have before heartbreaks happen and the romance experiences any major tests. Or maybe it simply expresses the durability of a bond that has deepened after some challenges. Whatever place in the romance from which the song was written its tender feelings shine through in a song that sounds melancholic and reflective. Daniel sounds assured yet tentatively hopeful with the knowledge of the way romantic bonds can be fragile and evolve in unpredictable ways as the people involved grow and change. Daniel holds on to the feelings and the memories of what made the emotional connection strong enough to be more than merely liking someone so that it can be an anchor for when times seem tougher, those times when many people can forget even for a moment what brought them together. Listen to “Hold” on Spotify and connect with Sasha Daniel at the links below.