Sam Himself Eases Himself Into Transitioning to a Better Self on the Brooding Yet Luminously Melancholic “Like A Friend”

Sam Himself, photo courtesy the artist

Sam Koechlin aka Sam Himself sounds like he’s tired of struggling with himself and outmoded notions of his own identity on his single “Like A Friend,” coming to accept that what he once thought was a core part of his identity was just like an awkwardly outfit that you keep telling yourself is cool but makes you look like an idiot. Most people do this in their lives insisting truths about themselves that they embrace as central to their entire being even if it limits them and comes to hurt them long term. But rather than a self-disintegrating blowout, Sam casts this process as a melancholic, compassionate goodbye and to take this news, this realization like he’s hearing it from a good friend who knows what to say even when it’s something heavy and hard to say. A friend who knows how to tell you some aspect of your personality and identity is bullshit that is dragging you down but without brutality so that you have time to embrace the change as painful as it can be with resignation with the blow landing softly. It’s unrealistic to expect people to change quickly because of all the ingrained habits of life and mentalities that reinforce the core of who you are or who you think you are but it’s also not so difficult to make that change once you understand why the changes are necessary. The lush song and its downtempo, late night vibe with Sam Himself’s brooding croon is reminiscent of Nick Cave is paired well with a music video taking place in the gritty part of Zurich, Switzerland like something out of a Jim Jarmusch film and all the creative use of darkness and color to suggest a mood, a spiritual quality to the setting that enhances the meaning of what you’re witnessing. Watch the video for “Like A Friend” on YouTube, connect with Sam Himself on Soundcloud linked below and look out for the songwriter’s new EP Slow Drugs.