“Skele” is Grand Commander’s Loving Tribute to His Artist Friend Rendered in Superheroic and Supernatural Terms

Grand Commander “Skele” cover (cropped)

Sam Damask saw his artist friend Skele go through a time of tribulation and come through it like a champ. So through his project Grand Commander, Damask wrote a mini epic in homage to his friend casting Skele as a superhero and master of the underworld. With acoustic guitar and some background synth this Grand Commander track is a bit different from the wonderful bombast of some of the project’s other music. But this approach to the songwriting is also more tender and affectionate making Skele the larger than life aspect of the song and not the music itself, like a tale that needed to be told where the music utilized in helping express the emotional colorings is the backdrop that accents and gives structure to the story but is very much allows Damask to paint a picture of his friend’s glorious existence. We should all get such a loving tribute from someone in our lives. Listen to “Skele” on YouTube and connect with Grand Commander at the links provided.


Grand Commander’s “Animal Attack” and the Horror of the Social Media Culture of the Spectacle

Grand Commander, photo by Cigainero Artistry

“Animal Attack,” the fifth single from Dallas-based multi-genre band Grand Commander, is sort of a futuristic prog funk song that is reminiscent of an idiosyncratic fusion of Trans Am, The Rapture and mid-80s Peter Gabriel. The song is about the lengths some people will go to in our social media obsessed age to garner attention despite how twisted, destructive and misguided those actions might be, so long as it’s “documented” and goes viral with the ephemeral reward of dubious fame only to be ditched off when the next new, warped and demented, action trends sometimes inspiring the discarded “content creator” to do something more drastic. The song is catchy enough with a tasty bass line throughout but clearly songwriter Sam Damask is rightfully repulsed by this dynamic in society and rather than write/record some overblown, borderline nihilistic blog/vlog post about his horror at it all, he wrote a song to help us process and put in its proper place this most modern of phenomena. Listen below and follow Grand Commander’s work at the links underneath the song.