“Of Two Minds (feat. Boy Indigo)” by Adrianna Krikl is Like the Romantic Outro Music to an Unconventional, Sprawling Space Opera

Adrianna Krikl “Of Two Minds” cover

The appropriately titled “Of Two Minds” by Adrianna Krikl featuring with Boy Indigo is like being invited into a windswept realm of streaming, melodic drones, floating on rising, blissful clouds of tone while a nearly androgynous voice sings like the collective voice of that ethereal space. What the song brings to mind is what the outro soundtrack to a cinematic version of the Saga comic series by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples might sound like. There is an air of romance and mystery to the song, of promise and uncertainty but unshakeable hope and inner tranquility in the face of any turmoil to come. Listen to “Of Two Minds” on Bandcamp and connect with Adrianna Krikl at the links below.


Ghost Against Ghost’s “still love” is a Stirring, Exultant, Towering Epic

Ghost Against Ghost, photo courtesy the artist

The main progression of “still love” by Ghost Against Ghost is reminiscent of that of the otherworldly and chilling Goblin composition “Tenebre” from the soundtrack for Tenebrae. And from there the song sweeps with multiple streams of sound into an emotional peak before soaring off into ethereal minimalism held aloft by the main melodic theme. At a little over ten minutes the song sounds like the official music for a far future artifact that one would expect to see in a Moebius or Alejandro Jodorowsky comic complex machine that brings culture, art and technology across parallel universes appearing like a divine sculpture, an abstract expression of the local culture’s mythology. Its elegant sonic architecture is massive and cascades tones in what feels like great forward momentum. Composer Christopher Bono worked with drummer Thomas Pridgen and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Molina on this piece and it is obvious all the combined talent came together to create a powerful listening experience. Informed by classical music it’s the kind of art/progressive rock that belies the notion that it is all of the head and not the heart. If a movie is made of the comic series Saga, the producers should consider contacting Ghost Against Ghost because the music is on a scale worthy but as unpretentious as Bryan K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples creation itself. Listen below and follow Ghost Against Ghost on the Spotify account.