The Minimal Beat of “Sage” by Human Age Allows the Vibrant Melody to Dance Freely

Human Age, Safe Emergency EP cover (cropped)

The minimalist percussion of “Sage” by Human Age, is an interesting foundation for the flaring, colorful melody to unfold upon. It provides the texture and the momentum of the song while sounding so delicate itself. Like one of those wire frames of large sculptures, the weak nuclear forces without which matter cannot exist. It’s reminiscent of the way Four Tet will hang an extended panoply of sounds and moods on a spindle of rhythm to keep time while modulating that rhythm slightly while the melody and atmospheres take the foreground and dance about and fill in the sonic framework. The melody here feels like taking in a breath and noticing nuances of flavor and texture in your lungs for the first time and the minute diversity of each with every breath with each passage. That the song reflects a psychedelic experience the composer had at Joshua Tree should come as no surprise but it is incidental to the enjoyment of a short song that seems so simple but offers an ever changing array of sonic experience. Listen to “Sage” from Human Age’s Safe Emergency EP and follow the artist at the links below.