Flux In A Constant State Brings Us Along on a Mind-Bending Journey to Infinity On “Rainbow Over Rue D’Iberville”

Treated to views in Woodstock, NY from a national park structure atop a high vista, the video for “Rainbow Over Rue D’Iberville” by Flux In A Constant State sets a mood with some animation/high contrast filters over the footage. The steady percussion while guitar noodles playfully over the top like Robert Fripp’s work with Brian Eno. Cosmic tonal sketches, reverse delays taking you out of standard rhythms with improvisation in more standard rhythms over the top. While relaxing the song does take you along on its slinky yet steady path along its echoing, dreamlike soundscape to infinity. Watch the video for “Rainbow Over Rue “D’Iberville” on YouTube and connect with Flux In A Constant State at the links below where you can give a listen to the rest of the album Saeculum II: Causa Sui Boogaloo.