REX and Jonatan Egholm Keis Present an Elevated Horror Short Masterpiece in “FORWARD”

Danish synth band REX gives us an existentialist, elevated horror short with its video for the song “FORWARD.” The narrative of the video suggests a young woman struggles with abuse both emotional and physical when a mysterious figure with glowing eyes steps out of the fog enshrouded countryside to guide her to take drastic actions of revenge and self-liberation. Musically the song is reminiscent of what S U R V I V E did for Stranger Things or a less dance music oriented version of the kind of music Boy Harsher did for its own long-form music video/horror movie The Runner. But paired together the music and video directed by Jonatan Egholm Keis works powerfully well in an elegantly executed fusion of the two art forms. Though a dark story of the catharsis of abuse and the purging of the amplified anxiety of PTSD, the mystical, hooded figure ultimately seems benevolent the way a visually similar figure does in the 2010 film Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives where there is no question of the figure’s benevolence even if its image is visually ominous. Watch the video for “FORWARD” on YouTube and connect with REX at the links below.

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Carly Paradis Casts the Doubts and Insecurities of the Past to the Burn in the Bright Light of a Promising New Love on the Majestic “The Crushing Weight of History”

Carly Paradis, photo courtesy the artist

Carly Paradis sounds like she should be singing from a heavenly chariot on “The Crushing Weight Of History.” Joined on vocals by Jonas Bjerre of Danish alternative rock band Mew, the song is large, sustained chords and scintillating ambient tones, horns and strings accenting the majestic dynamics. The title suggests an elevated subject whether that’s the actual weight of history on the world scale or the weight of one’s own personal history coming in to cast a shadow of doubt and uncertainty in the face of something that seems promising and not wanting to jinx it by mulling over one’s mistakes and letting one’s past eclipse the good in your life. An epic, melodramatic love song with grace and grandeur is rare but with the help of Michael Stein of S U R V I V E and Doug Dare of Erased Tapes and other collaborators, that’s what Paradis has crafted here. The song is the lead track from Paradis’ third album Nothing is Something which was released this past Friday, November 29, 2019. Listen on Soundcloud and follow Paradis at the links provided.